Crystal U. Davis · PHONE 252-314-3711

I am a movement artist, educator, and researcher dedicated to creating and sharing knowledge with others.  My dancing, moving body is my primary source in sharing ideas with others.  Personal passions in my life include collaborating with various communities, moving, learning, observing others, and communicating ideas in creative environments.

I am currently sharing my work forward in an endeavor I call the Movement Artistry Project (M.A.P.) © 2006. It is an existential expansion of the concept "movement." Through my experiences as a performance researcher out of NYU's Performance Studies Masters Program, as a teaching artist with the Lincoln Center Institute and as a Laban-Bartenieff movement analyst through my training at Integrated Movement Studies, I continue to expand my experiences of the meaning of "movement." I now understand what movement means in many different ways. My ideas about movement now expand outside of the realm of dance and ethnographic study. They now include how art can incite emotional or political movement as well as what it means to reposition from one place or stance to another. This has peaked my interest in how others understand the word "movement" in their lives. I'm interested in providing dance, wellness and movement analysis services for others as well as creating partnerships with people who would like to share how they experience movement in their own lives and careers. 

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