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I am committed to serving any community through creative projects, professional development and consulting services geared to improving the qualitiy of life of the community through movement arts. The following is a list of contributions I am equipped to make toward improving the quality of life of various communities.

  • Movement Choirs: Performance events that involve community collaboration to choreograph and perform group movement the whole community can do
  • ESL Movement Classes: Dance/Fitness classes designed to improve English language skills
  • Family Fitness Classes: A class designed to involve the entire family no matter the ages or abilities
  • Contact Improvisation Jams: Improvisational group sessions where people are allowed to contact and connect with each other while dancing
  • Cultural Dance Classes: Community classes where we show, tell, and explore our own cultural backgrounds and dance forms
  • Creative Movement Games: A class designed to involve the whole family in games that involve creative thinking skills and movement
  • Community Fitness Gatherings: Local community members seek out physically challenging activities or free fitness activities in their community in which the entire group can participate together
  • Consulting Services: Training, assessment and tools to integrate, improve and better align arts, fitness and wellness practices at your institution or organization
  • Please feel free to contact me for any further information about teaching or collaborating in any community events.


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