Curriculum Vitae

           I consider myself a researcher of movement. My experiences of the concept of movement have brought me to my own personal definition of how I experience the meaning of movement.

Movement: The act of changing an object or person’s shape or location; The process of traveling from one place to another; The result or process of political change; A shift in thinking or perspective; A poignant emotional response; A full and complete thought in a section of classical music; Forward progression toward some goal or point in space; The ongoing process of changing one’s relationship to one’s own body, shape, effort, or inner space; The act of altering one’s relationship to the environment; An internal attention or shift in perspective of how one views the world; Shift; Change; The process of altering a system, individual, object or mindset; Improvement; An initiation of one’s own sense of self, attention, feeling, or intention toward change or a specific goal; The act of showing support by throwing one’s weight behind an object, idea, or person; Vibration; Sound; Using aspects of line and shape in visual art forms to create a sense of motion; A collection of actions that are the cause of momentous change; Personal intent; Action; The transitional points between stillness; The process of becoming;

Ex. - Sliding; Gliding; Floating; Sinking; Rising; Falling; Compressing; Expanding; Imploding; Exploding; Hollowing; Bulging; Advancing; Retreating; Bouncing; Melting;Opening; Closing; Contracting; Extending; Folding; Spreading; Enclosing; Pushing; Pulling; Blinking; Turning; Spinning; Rotating; Revolving; Twisting; Pounding; Balancing; Breathing . . .

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